In the kingdom of the sun; ANUBHUTI KRISHNA; The Hindu

India – Sun Temple, Konârak

ANUBHUTI KRISHNA visits the famed temple in Konark and finds that everything there, including the art, has a logic behind it

Sixty-five kilometres from the capital city of Bhubaneshwar, and thirty-five kilometres from Jagannath Puri, with even the last hamlet a few miles away, the Sun Temple in Konark gives ‘in the middle of nowhere’ an all-new meaning. Built in the 13th Century by King Narasimhadeva of the Ganga dynasty, by the now-vanished Chandrabhaga River, this UNESCO World Heritage site is often compared with Khajuraho for its form and feature, especially erotica.

Having been to Khajuraho recently, I had a similar picture of Konark in mind.

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