Places to visit, stay and tour in western Canada – readers’ travel tips; Guardian

Think western Canada and mountains and bears spring to mind. But our intrepid readers have also explored the region’s First Nation heritage and found great places to stay – one without a roof

Winning tip: Falling buffaloes, Alberta

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in south-west Alberta is a Unesco world heritage site with a fascinating history. Herds of buffalo were deliberately stampeded over the cliff’s edge here by the indigenous plains people for nearly 6,000 years. Exploring the visitor’s centre, which is built into the face of the cliff, we learned how the Blackfoot nation relied on the buffalo drive to provide food, shelter and clothing, especially over winter. The hypnotic beat of Blackfoot singing and drumming carried us back to the past. We hiked off-trail with a guide, listening to stories about the days when millions of buffalo roamed the windswept prairies.
Adult £8.80, youth £6, family £23,

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