Escape Politics At Switzerland’s Peaceful Lake Geneva Region; Lea Lane; Forbes

With the angst of the U.S. Presidential election coming to a head, what better place to get away—before or after—than to peaceful, neutral Switzerland. And what better place in the fall than the area around Lake Geneva—cosmopolitan, walkable, hospitable, with international dining and a veritable United Nations vibe, to get you distracted from politics and partisanship.

The Lake Geneva Region (Canton of Vaud) is located in the French-speaking part of Western Switzerland. Visitors come for the history and the rich culture, but also for wine tastings in the Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps. They dine in celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants and local brasseries and visit lively farmers markets. Outdoor opportunities range from skiing to hiking, biking and walking in the mountains and boating or swimming in Lake Geneva.

And here are seven specific reasons to visit this fall, guaranteed to calm you down:

1. James Bond Time: Timing is everything, especially for everyone’s favorite fictional spy, James Bond. An exhibition of the timepieces used in the James Bond movies open this fall at Espace Horloger in Le Sentier in the heart of Swiss watchmaking, the Vallée de Joux.  This interactive museum is dedicated to Swiss timepieces and the James Bond Time exhibit runs until April 23, 2017.

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