10 Crazy Beautiful Hot Springs Around The World; Stella Kim; VIVA

Turkey – Hierapolis-Pamukkale

Honestly speaking, most of the options to warm up on a cold day are kind of uncool. No offense to those who partake, but wrapping yourself up in a blanket, sipping tea or wearing multiple sweaters should be reserved for those 60-plus. Instead of rolling over and giving in, why not take off to an incredible destination? Even if you can’t visit these physically, they’re visually stunning, and the sight alone will be enough to warm you up. Take this with a grain of salt, though — while all of these are awe-inspiring, not all of them are swimmable.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Cotton castle – that’s exactly what this hot spring’s name ‘Pamukkale’ translates into. The recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in the Denizli Province of southwestern Turkey, where locals have developed an impressive tourism system including various accommodations. In fact, the region continues to thrive on tourism so much that they’ve replaced roads with artificial pools to meet demand. To begin listing some of the many reasons why tourists continue to visit, Pamukkale is both fun to observe and equally entertaining to swim in, thanks to its moderate temperature. The travertines, or “calcium carbonate shelves”, are filled with water that is best viewed in the winter, when the shelves freeze to truly resemble cotton in appearance.

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