Croatia: Waterfalls and foliage a magical combination; Janie Robinson; Toronto Sun

Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park

PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK, Croatia — I’m in waterfall heaven filled with drenching delights, tropical trails and magical rainbows, all gloriously wrapped up in a fabulous fall colour bow.

Croatia’s oldest and largest national park is glimmering gold in October, its breathtakingly vibrant foliage mirrored in 16 terraced lakes, set like exotic jewels in this stunning landscape.

Visitors can even walk on water, strolling along boardwalks over crystal-clear water, past foaming cascades, gushing green mosses and thundering waterfalls.


There are two main entrances to the park’s Upper and Lower Lakes with eight trails clearly marked for half day and full day circular self-guided walking tours. Here are four favourite trails and tours along the 18 km of wooden footbridges and winding pathways through this amazing UNESCO World Heritage site:

— Tour C:


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