The Culture Chronicle: The City of Bath, England; Low Lai Chow; Artinfo

UK – City of Bath

A look at the city of Bath, home to Britain’s only natural hot springs in the Somerset countryside.

From ancient monuments and culturally vital works of art, to landscapes that shape the world in which we live, Culture+Travel presents a weekly exploration of travel destinations of vital importance to the human experience of life on earth, recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

Legend has it that around 860 BC, Bath was founded when Bladud, son of King Rud Hud Hudibras, contracted leprosy in Athens. Banished from the court and forced to go into hiding, a despondent Bladud fled to the small village of Swainswick. There, he resigned himself to a humble new life as a swineherd. But soon he saw how some of the swine would wander off and wallow in hot mud, seemingly shrugging themselves from the skin afflictions that would commonly plague the pigs that didn’t get muddy. The hopeful Bladud followed their lead and was cured.

Source: The Culture Chronicle: The City of Bath, England | Artinfo


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