Stonehenge Mystery: Monument Was An ‘Ancient Mecca On Stilts,’ Says New Theory; Lora Moftah; IB Times

UK – Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites

The origin of Stonehenge has long been debated by scholars, but a new theory about the prehistoric British monument literally turns most conventional thinking upside down. Rather than digging through the structure’s foundations, scholars should instead be looking upward, according to British historian and art critic Julian Spalding, who is arguing that Stonehenge was actually “an ancient Mecca on stilts.”

“We’ve been looking at Stonehenge the wrong way: from the earth, which is very much a 20th-century viewpoint,” Spalding told the Guardian in an interview on Sunday. “In early times, no spiritual ceremonies would have been performed on the ground. The pharaoh of Egypt and the emperor of China were always carried — as the pope used to be. The feet of holy people were not allowed to touch the ground.”

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