The Best of Hampi: Heritage-rich, Charming and Hippy; Pooja Bhula; Zee News

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

Pooja Bhula is fascinated by Hampi’s unique natural landscape, rich heritage and how it’s now also accommodates a very bohemian way of life…

What hits me as we drive towards the UNESCO world heritage site, Hampi, is its vastness, which we explore through its small and big roads leading to the must-see monuments that once formed Vijayanagar–the capital of South India’s largest, most prosperous kingdom. Ruins, spread over 26 sq. km, lie comfortably alongside piles of naturally rounded granite boulders of different colours. John M Fritz and George Michell, explain in Hampi Vijayanagara, “Its unique rocky appearance is not caused by earthquake or upheaval, but by some 3,000 years of erosion, at first underground and then, when uplifted, by exposure to sun, wind and rain… For centuries, this uniformly built grained stone has provided an inexhaustible supply of building materials.”

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