Cruises to Cuba: the best shore diversions and activities in Havana; Claire Boobbyer; Telegraph

Cuba – Old Havana and its Fortification System

The Cuban capital, Havana, offers much for cruise passengers to explore. Here’s a guide to the city’s highlights.

With the old town just a stroll from the port, Havana’s historical legacy is an easy win for cruisers. From the 16th to 18th centuries, every buccaneer, privateer and scallywag pitched up in Havana looking to grab a piece of precious metal and any sugar or tobacco they could lay hands on. Cuba’s capital, founded on the island’s north coast in 1519 by the conquering Spaniards, was a way station and careening stop for their treasure fleets, which hauled plundered gold and silver from Latin America to Seville.

As the pillaging increased, so did the size of the forts to defend the city. Cruise ships sail out of Old Havana’s castle-bound harbour, one of the most commanding seaports in the world.

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