Exploring Polands primeval forest and unearthing the amazing story behind Zubrowka Vodka; Bella Brennan; Daily Mail

Poland – Białowieża Forest

At five foot nada, I’m often cautious when it comes to drinking spirits.

Despite being a party pocket rocket if I try and keep up with my longer-limbed pals, before I know it I’m That Girl on the dance floor cutting moves like Beyonce (in my mind) but looking more like Benes (As in Elaine, of Seinfeld fame) and demanding my boyfriend fetch me a chicken burrito, stat.

What’s more, I’ve long wondered if there’s a vodka that actually exists that doesn’t have that ouchy, burnie after-taste. Too many times, I’ve been left reeling after a potent hit of the stuff. So approach with caution has always been my mantra.

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