Scare up a fabulous time in Scotland’s first city; Wipula Paquet; Bangkok Post

UK – Old and New Towns of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a peaceful and bucolic capital far removed from Europe’s more celebrated metropolises, but it boasts history, culture, trendy shops _ and some rather more macabre attractions.

‘What not to see?” exclaimed my Scottish friend Fiona, her long blonde curls waving in the air, when asked about her dear hometown of Edinburgh. I was unsure if her excitement came from pure Scottish pride, or her heavy afternoon consumption of English lager under a rare sunny sky in Cardiff. Having listened to Fiona unrelentingly blab about how hot, hip, modern and rich in history Edinburgh is _ far outreaching premier European destinations such as London, Paris and Berlin _ I was sceptical of the objectiveness behind her claims.

After all, Scotland is stereotypically described as ghost-haunted and dull, where her inhabitants are odd bagpipe players coupled with drunken haggis eaters.

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