Stonehenge WAS built on a solstice axis: Ice Age meltwater carved sun-facing ridges into the landscape which later inspired the 4,500-year-old rock circle; Dalya Alberge; Daily Mail Online

UK – Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites


  • Excavations confirm that Stonehenge was built on an Ice Age landform
  • Ridges found to point at the mid-winter sunset and mid-summer sunrise
  • Experts claim that ancient people believed the geological scars signified the ‘union of heaven and earth’ at the longest and shortest day of the year
  • Evidence has also been found that the now broken circle was once complete

The ancient people who built Stonehenge chose the site in modern-day Wiltshire because of its solar significance, archaeologists claim.

In what is described as a ‘missing piece in the jigsaw’ in our understanding of England’s greatest prehistoric site, excavations confirm the theory that its ancient processional route was built along an ice-age landform which was naturally on the solstice axis, according to Professor Mike Parker Pearson, a leading expert on Stonehenge. 


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