Postcard: Hitting the wall; Fleur Bainger; Kiama Independent

China – The Great Wall

I don’t sleep around. Except on very special occasions. Like when I took the Great Wall of China as my bedfellow, turfing out my fiancee so I could snuggle up to a mattress of solid rock.

My love and I had spent the day snapping shots of giant stone lions on the Sacred Way and exploring the Ming Tombs, where 13 emperors are buried not far from their 290 concubines. While I could argue their fate inspired me to endure a night on a slab, in truth I’d planned to sleep with this famous stranger.

The place is Jiankou, a remote strip of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that shows the wear and tear of the past 700 years. But its scarred face is beautiful, revealing layers of marble, rock and rammed earth beneath what was once a flat finish.

The tour we join is aimed squarely at the intrepid ( Once you’ve hiked along a forest trail and puffed up a steep hill of shale, you’re invited to pitch a tent, roll out a mattress and snooze on stone.

Source: Postcard: Hitting the wall


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