Australia Hosts Reef Live Event to Showcase Great Barrier Reef; Megan Snedden; HuffPost

Australia – Great Barrier Reef

From a café overlooking the Eiffel Tower, a woman in Paris chatted with scientist David Wachenfeld as he scuba dived through Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Their conversation streamed on Youtube and Google+Hangout as part of Reef Live: an interactive broadcast that took viewers on a virtual adventure through the World Heritage Site, also of the world’s Natural Wonders.

In conjunction with World Oceans Day (an international event to promote ocean conservation efforts), Reef Live brought together researchers like Wachenfeld and marine cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick who connected with viewers from around the world via high-definition underwater cameras. They fielded questions submitted on Twitter and held discussions with guests. Click here to watch footage from Reef Live on the Queensland Youtube page.

Fitzpatrick said he wanted to help create something that not only felt like live television and but also engaged a younger, tech savvy generation.

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