Aussie travellers delve into the charms of Hoi An; David Ellis & John Rozentals; Gympie Times

Viet Nam – Hoi An Ancient Town

THERE are just two Westerners among 40 or so locals on the ferry, in truth just an open barge, crossing the river from Hoi An’s bustling Old Quarter to Cam Kim, a rural commune where village life still dominates here on Vietnam’s south central coast.

Those Westerners are my travel-writing colleague, John Rozentals and his partner Sandra, who are heading with their tour guide to the home of the guide’s father-in-law.

John takes up the story: Most of the locals are returning home from work, with just about all having a motorbike or a cycle they somehow jam onto the ferry with them.

The chat to us seems pretty ordinary, but an elderly woman remonstrates vociferously with a public-service type about the evils of government corruption.


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