Jordan’s Petra; Debi Lander; Business Jet Traveler

Jordan – Petra

Dawn blew a gentle breeze through the entryway, but a few paces beyond, stillness prevailed. Unseen birds chirped wakeup calls and chalky dust stirred at my feet. I felt humbled as I trekked down the same path used by the Nabataeans, the people who prospered here 2,300 years ago.

I vacillated between wanting to rush forward or stop to savor the astonishing surroundings. I brushed along snaking corridors whose rock walls towered half as high as the Washington Monument. Then, about 30 minutes in, I stopped suddenly. Entranced by the protruding edge of the Treasury–Petra’s most elaborate temple ruins–I leaned into my camera lens to record the dramatic viewpoint.

Occasionally you live out a moment that etches into your memory. Your senses run on high speed, but your brain seems to record like a slow-motion video. Such was the case as I explored the mysterious Sig in Petra, Jordan.

The Sig (pronounced “seek”) is a mile-long ravine, a dry riverbed of sinuous twists and turns tucked between 300-foot salmon-hued boulders. The passageway alternately narrows to single file and then broadens enough to allow for a campsite–one of its original uses.

Source: Jordan’s Petra


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