TALLINN: A rich blend of off-beat and old world charm; Suvam Pal; Zee News

Estonia – Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn

It may not be a prominent place in a global traveller’s map but Estonia is certainly one of the youngest and most vibrant countries with its capital Tallinn being the centrepiece. With its mesmerizing blend of old world charm and modern day glitter and glitz, the Estonian capital comes as an elaborate and extensive platter for any travel connoisseur.

Old Town, eternal charm

A thousand year-old-settlement still standing tall even after numerous attacks, bombardments and having undergone several leadership changes with the Danes, Germans and the Russians taking over the fortified old town, the capital city is strategically positioned at the crossroads of trade between Western and Northern Europe and Russia. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town, fortified with city walls and 66 defence towers, is Tallinn’s biggest draw. Time stands still when you walk down the twisting cobblestone lanes, surrounded by Gothic spires and colourful, gabled medieval buildings, half-hidden courtyards, towering, grandiose churches and Brobdingnagian walls, dotted with stone guard towers.

Source: TALLINN: A rich blend of off-beat and old world charm


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